Cape Sounion – One of the most beautiful areas of Greece, here you will find the Temple of Poseidon, which can be seen from a distance and is easily reached by foot once ashore. The ideal time to visit is in the morning before the tourist crowds arrive. The best place to anchor is in the North of the bay where there is a patch of sand and weed, which makes for good holding. The area is exposed to gusts and yachts if not anchored properly may drag.

Cape Sounio has been recognized since prehistoric times as a special place of worship and was an important sanctuary during the Greek Archaic,Classical,and Hellenistic periods. There are two sanctuaries present on the cape: the sanctuary of Poseidon and the sanctuary of Athena; two gods that were held in high esteem by the ancient Athenians. The ruins as we see them today are the result of the renovations that took place during the 5th century B.C., and replaced a succession of buildings that date back to the archaic period.