Kea or Tzia Is the ‘gate’ to the Cyclades, the Far West Island of the Cyclades and closest to Attica. It’s beautiful and rare natural environment, the originality of its villages and memories of past times fascinate visitors from the first moment, as thousands of years of history unfold before their eyes. The island was named after Ceos, a hero from Nafpaktos who settled on the island in the 12th century BC. The island was later named Tzia during the Venetian occupation. Kea played an important role in the flourishing of the Cycladic civilization and was homeland to great figures of ancient Greece, such as the poet Simonides. For hikers, Kea is a paradise. Paths with a total length of 36 kilometres, 65% of which am stone-paved, cross dreamy routes through dense forests of tall oaks and lead to beautiful isolated beaches.

Must See 

Ancient Karthea:Its remains are truly impressive. Among them, you will see the city’s acropolis and the temples of Athena and Pythios Apollon. It’s accessible by boat or hiking

The Kea Lion:A trademark of Ioulida, it’s a 6th century BC sculpture carved on a rock that bears an enigmatic smile. According to the myth, this lion chased away the island’s former inhabitants, the Nymphs.

More history:Visit the ruins of the prehistoric settlement of Agia Irini – it was one of the most important cultural centers of the Aegean, until the 15th century BC, when it was destroyed by an earthquake. Also, the Hellenistic 20m tower of Agia Marina, a significant fortification monument of the island.

Products and Specialties: The food is wonderful the specialty of the island is paspalas (pieces of pork cooked with tomatoes and eggs), tsigara (pork with fat), loza (salted pork), and melitzanoryza (aubergines with rice). Local sausages are also part of the traditional table, as is the grilled herring, accompanied by cool retsina wine. Don’t miss the chance to try rooster cooked in wine, accompanied by the local mavroudi red wine. According to the legend, Aristaeus Introduced apiary In Kea and local pure thyme honey and pasteli have been the traditional treats to visitors since ancient times.

Events: The people of Tzia keep traditions alive and know all about the meaning of hospitability and festivities. The patron saint of Kea is Agios Charalambos, celebrated on 10 February in glory and religious reverence. The ancient rites are revived on 1 July, on the celebration of Agii Anargyri in Vourkari. The feast of Agia Marina takes place in Korissia on 17 July, Panagia Kastriani is celebrated on 15 August, and the festivities for Ai Symios are organised on 1 September. During the carnival, the King of the Carnival parade takes place In loulida, followed by a frenzy of festivities. The Festival of Fairy Tales, a unique cultural event in Greece, Is organized by the Legend and Fairy Tale Study and Dissemination Centre every summer around the July full moon and carries visitors away with the magic of legends. Myths and fairy tales. The Simonidia sports events are organized in August.

Activities: • Hiking: • Scuba diving